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Property Management

Our Property Management Team

We know how important your home away from home
is; therefore, we have a team of experts that will take
care of your investment as it was our own.

Our Services

- Preparing your house for arrivals
- Coordinating repairs when necessary
- Coordination of cleaning services
- Hiring services such as fumigation, pool maintenance, gardening, etc.
- Changing utility bills into your name
- Be an intermediary with HOA administration.
- Managing Staff

Communication and Fast Response

We know that for our clients good communication is extremely important, feel confident that you will be taken careof as you and your family deserve.
We are always available thru email, phone, text message, WhatsApp, etc.

Accounting Management

Opening and managing your own bank account in Mexico is a very important part of our services, from that account we will pay every single one of your expenses, such as utilities, property taxes, fideicomiso (real estate trust) fees, suppliers, etc. You will receive a detailed report once a month where you will see your deposits, withdrawals and actual balance.

Project Management

We know in many cases you would like to renovate your home, furniture, etc. We are here to help you coordinate and follow up with your project from
beginning to end. We do all these things while you are not in town, so when you come you can enjoy your house, family and just relax in beautiful Cabo.